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How do I pay the fees?
      Fees must be paid on time; failure to do so will result in 
      suspension/termination of membership.
All fees must be paid either on line or at the beginning of the session by card. There is no refund for sessions not used, except where the club has to cancel a session with short notice. Informed absences of 3 or more weeks are charged at half price to maintain the place.



What should my child wear for class?


All Gymnasts must wear a club leotard which you can purchase when they join.


Are your classes insured?

All our coaches hold current Enhanced DBS clearance.


Every Gymnast and Coach must have BG membership and insurance at their appropriate level.


Does Jewellry have to be removed ?

Yes it does only coaches are allowed to wear a flat wedding band. All other jewellry has to be removed.

Are your teachers qualified?

Yes Coaches are qualified but we do have some trainees who are supervised at all times. Most trainees hold a BG core coaching qualification



Can we still join your classes after the term has started?


Yes, with permission of the head coach following a trial session and providing there is space available


Can parents watch?
Yes, (Covid permitting) we have a viewing window upstairs. We ask parents to refrain from coming into the main hall whilst the gymnasts are training



What is your ratio of children to coaches?

2 coaches to 8 Gymnasts but sometimes groups are smaller due to the age or ability of the gymnasts. Groups are devised on ability as much as possible, not just age

What if my Child can't attend ?
Parents should notify the head coach as soon as possible that their child will not be able to attend.
Any absence of two or more weeks without notification will be regarded as termination of membership.
Can she wear leggings or shorts ?
Yes but they must match our uniform



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