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                                 Club Rules and Code of conduct for Gymnasts and Parents/Guardians
                                                                (Updated December 2023)

Arrival: Gymnasts and parents must arrive 15 minutes prior to their start
         time to help get equipment out and 15 minutes at the end to pack away.

Entering the Gym: Under our Child Protection policy, parents must NOT drop
        their gymnast off in the car park. ALL gymnast must be brought into the gym by a
        responsible Parent/Adult who must remain with them until a Senior Coach or
       Welfare Officer is present.

Late arrival: Without prior notification by phone or email, will mean the gymnast
       will NOT be allowed to enter the gym or train from 5pm.

Jewellery: No Jewellery or body piercings of any kind to be worn during sessions by anyone
      (Coaches may wear a flat band wedding ring only). The club will NOT 
provide the tape for ears that 
       have just been  pierced. Anyone not complying with 
this request will not permitted to join in.

Viewing Gymnasts: Parents and visitors are asked NOT to remain in the gym whilst
       the session is in progress, as this can cause distractions to the gymnasts and
       possibly lead to injury. Any parents that wish to view a session may do so from
       the viewing area upsta
      Parents must NOT take videos or photos from
the viewing gallery on  ANY device

6.     Clothing: Gymnasts must wear a club leotard. Club Merchandise forms are
        available at the beginning of each session. Merchandise must be paid for when

7.     Bad Weather Clothing: Gymnast must come dressed suitably for the current
        weather conditions in case of evacuation.

8.     Gymnastic leggings: These must be purchased through the club and are
        only permitted for mature gymnasts. All gymnasts to work in bare feet.

9.     Hair: Long hair must be tied back securely (a loose scrunchie will NOT suffice).
        Long plaits are not desired, as they can cause injury. The Head Coach will deny
        participation if hair is not considered neat. Flat clips may be used but Bows or
        accessories are not permitted.


10.   Food and Drink: Gymnasts must not bring in fizzy drinks or any type of sweets or
        food (unless for birthday celebrations) into the gym.  
        It is not the clubs responsibility to supply drinks
 or cups.
11.   Payment of Fees: Fees cover a 10 week period, including school holidays.
        With immediate effect, fees must be paid, on line or by card at the start of the session and on time.              Failure to do so will result in termination of membership.
        Fees cannot be refunded at any point, once the BG membership has been paid.

12.  Annual British Gymnastics (BG) membership/insurance: This is due October
       1st each year. Parents must agree to complete BG membership on-line for any
       Gymnasts under 16 years or they will not be insured as a member of our club.

13.   Absences: Any absence of TWO weeks or more, without notification, will be
        Regarded as termination of membership. If you are sick or on holiday please
        contact one of the following numbers.
        Members only 07916 75 34 56 or daytime 01322 409312

14.  Medical forms/Contact details: To be completed each September.
       Please notify us by email of any changes to their health or your Emails, address
       or contact details.

15.  Glasses: For safety reasons, any gymnast who normally wears glasses MUST
       wear them whilst doing gymnastics.

16.  Health: If a gymnast has been off school but insist they feel well enough for
       gymnastics, they should NOT be brought to the session.

17.   Injury: Any gymnasts who wears a support without a doctor’s letter, will not be
       permitted to train until we have a note or email from the medical professional
       to say they fit to continue including on their return after any injury, as we do
       not allow working with any injury even if they were caused outside of the club.

18.  Data Protection: Gymnasts details will be held on the clubs secure systems.
       Details will NOT be passed to third parties except BG nor without permission.

19.  Mobiles: Gymnasts mobiles must be deposited at the desk for the duration of
       their session. We are not responsible for any loss or damage. Coaches are
       allowed to use devices to aid training but recordings must be deleted at the end
       of that session.

20.  Rights and Respect for all: Everyone must respect club members, coaches and

21.  Bad behaviour including, bad language or any level of bullying will result in
       notification to parents and/or immediate suspension of membership.


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